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      The Halloween event has begun!. have fun killing Rappy Zombies! and get Jack O' Lanterns or Crack O' Lanterns with specialized items! Until November 5th.

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    *Casino located in Lobby 13 Only on PSO BB*

    • Ryuker - 5 tickets
    • Add Slot - 20 tickets
    • Mag paint: Red - 50 tickets
    • Mag paint: Gray - 50 tickets
    • Disk #2 - 70 tickets
    • Maser Beam 34 hit - 330 tickets
    • Death Ray - 550 tickets
    • Aura Field max - 823 tickets
    • Monkey King Bar 19 hit - 1820 tickets
    • Rupika - 2460 tickets
    • Material Reset - 3000 tickets
    • Megid Lvl 30 - 5920 tickets

    Get to gambling!!!

  • Lottery Item List

    *The lottery Feature is only for PSO BB*

    • Red Sword
    • Asuka
    • Spread Needle
    • L&K38 combat
    • Club of Laconium
    • Sigh of a God
    • Photon Drop
    • Photon Crystal
    • Exchange Ticket

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    • Hey, I have strawberry and pineapple
    • Expect more: Under construction.   Hello and welcome to the largest scale Emporium in all of Ragol. - Please check the terms and conditions in the small print at the bottom of this disclaimer. Photon Drop Twist Store Here we sell and distribute goods to users for a currency of Photon Drops. The twist to this store is that I have absolutely no price list. Photon Drops and only Photon Drops is this section of the store, no trading. The twist to this section of the store is that I am oligated to take your offer on an item, so the price you call is the price you pay. The general value of the item is pretty well known on the community, so be fair, generous or cruel. The choice is yours as a buyer. Limited Stock so get your items while you can!     Event Equipment Genpei Espiguard DF Shield  Anti-Dark Ring Kasami Bracer Stealth Suit Parasite Wear: Vajulla TypeDS/ROD Rainblow Meteor Rouge 33% Hit Jizai 37% Hit Amore Rose 99% Hit Dancing Hitogata Plantain Huge Fan 52% Hit Twin Blaze 24% Hit Twin Psychogun 53% Hit Handgun:MILLA 36% Hit Crazy Tune 64% Hit Tsumikiri J-Sword Suppressed Raygun 9% Hit 16% Hit  Suppressed Railgun Suppressed Gun 34% Hit Caduceus 54% Hit P-Arm’s Blade 61% Hit S-Beat’s Blade 63% Hit Soul Banish 27% Hit God Hand 54% Hit Double Saber 81% Hit Hildeblue’s Hammer 16% Hit Earth Wand Brownie 43% Hit Orotiagito 59% Hit Rambling May 28% Hit Snow Queen 32% Hit Dual Bird 23% Hit Panzer Faust 49% Hit Evil Curst 0/0/6/6/6 Prophets of Motav 0’d (event one dropped like this) Doom Bringer 11% Hit Hitogata 27% Hit Partizan of Fire 21% Hit Slicer of Fanatic 21% Hit Solferino 41% Hit Siren Glass Hammer 23% Hit MAG CELLS   Liberta Kit Heart of Chao Heart of Opa Opa Parts of RoboChao Cell of MAG 213 Heart of Kapu Kapu Heart of Chu Chu   Heart of Morolian Amitie's Memo Dragon Scale Panthers Spirit Heaven Striker Coat     Units and Unique Items Jellen Level: 30 Deband Level: 30 Shifta Level: 30 Quantum Booster Book of HITOGATA Star Amplifier Magic Stone ''Iritista’’ Centurion/Battle  PB/Boost Heavenly/Arms Divine Protection Smartlink Swordsman Lore V801 V101 Adept (20,433 killcount) Syncesta HP/Rebirth TP/Rebirth         Trading Store Here we sell and distribute items of value for Photon Drops, items or a mixture of both. Anybody wish to purchase the following items must Private Message me with an offer. Trading List Limiter (Various Killcounts from 0 to 10k - Subject to rise) Rainbow+50 14% Hit Empress 16% Hit   Lame D'Argent 0/0/0/0/30 (9,739 kills - Subject to increase)   Parasitic Gene ''Flow''   Red Ring (233 DFP - 238 EVP) Red Ring (199 DFP - 236 EVP) Red Ring (201 DFP - 257 EVP)   This emporium is not limited to the items listed, please private message me here or find me in game to discuss other items you may want. In game names: Gods-Rival Luke ILuke  ILuke     Happy shopping!    Terms and Conditions Twist Stores: Minimum bid is 1 Photon Drop, there is no maximum bid. Item trading completely forbidden. Each user can make one bid where I am obliged to sell the item for the stated offer. Afterwards they are subject to refusal of further offers. This is to ensure people are not completely abusing the store and make continuous attempts to purchase items of more value for 1PD. They will be added to the buying blacklist indefinitely, furthermore they will be refused any giveaway games I make in game. Those that know me, know exactly what I mean.    
    • I think @AdmiralPit has some limiters...Should pm him to see what he wants for it..  
    • I'm pretty flexible when it comes to making arrangements like this anyways. I'll try and level up my Ramar some more if I get some time.
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